Dafi Reis doron


75% Control - New Stool

Dafi Reis Doron 75% Control Stool
The stool was made using a 75% control process, a new way of creating upholstery which ...

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75% Control

Dafi Reis Doron 75% control
a new process of creating upholstery, which involves using traditional cushion material - polyurethane ...

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Cad Weaving

fendi Dafi Reis Doron
CAD weaving is a project that aims to explore techniques in creating upholstered furniture. The series of ...

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CAD weaving jars

CAD weaving jars Dafi_Ries_Doron
CAD weaving, is a new material that brings a twist to traditional weaving techniques.

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Cool Bar

Keter Cool Bar
an innovative design which unites two functions in one product: a bucket to store cool drinks and ...

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Envelop Box

Keter envelop box
This series of boxes was developed for the DIY stores of B&Q in England.

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Deco Box

keter deco box
The Deco Box is made using mold labeling technology . The design creates a visual connection ...

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Flexible PE Tubs

Keter flexi tubes
These tubs were originally made in a variety of designs in order to...

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