Cool Bar

The Cool Bar is an original morphology, uniting two archetypes in a single product: a bucket for storing cool drinks and a bar table. I designed the cool bar in 2008 while working at Keter Ltd. and the innovative patent is signed under my name ( 20090101046).

The cool bar is the result of a thorough research on the way people conduct themselves during barbecue parties. I recognized that the bucket of drinks often becomes the centre of the event and therefore requires furniture around it to hold the drinks.

While the lid is closed, the Cool Bar serves as a cooler. Its double-walled plastic container maintains the temperature of the drinks. When the party starts the lid is raised, becoming a bar table, and the cooler is filled with ice and drinks.

The contrast between the dark, shiny inner surface and the light, mat outer surface, emphasizes the Cool Bar’s unique look and dual function, while creating an aesthetic play between the interior and exterior spaces.