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75% Control Rectangular Stool

75% Control is an innovative technology to create furniture;
it explores an experimental way to work with polyurethane foam in an industrial setting. The stool is made by casting the foam in an open mold with a wooden structure located inside.

As a result of its chemical reaction, the foam expands towards the structure and creates a top surface that is both amorphous, from the free rising of the foam, and accurate, from the precise positioning of the structure.

The wooden pattern is designed in a way that adds strength where it is connected to the legs, while creating a comfortable seat on top, quite similarly to the way an under bed is constructed.

In order to find the right foam for the process, I collaborated with a material engineer. Together we developed a foam that is soft yet has a strong skin, enabling me to maintain its unique and amorphous shape.

75% Control technology gives each stool a distinctive personality with a quality of a hand made object in a mass production line, a shape carries the memory of the process in which it has been made.